I just helped Amy Scott launch her ebook, Destination: Nomadtopia. It’s a great guide to help people travel more on a part time or full time basis. She walks you through all the things you need to think about in order to create your own personal Nomadtopia. I actually connected with her online and offered to help in any way I could since I am an aspiring nomad and I think it’s awesome that she wants to help others. It was really fun to see her launch!

I would love to have a location independent business and be able to travel more than I do now. I am experienced in graphic design and marketing, yet I somehow have a hard time marketing myself. I love helping other people market and helping them to launch their business yet I have failed in launching my own. So, here and now, I am giving you my vision. Since I love helping other people launch their businesses and seeing them succeed in putting their product out for the world I would love to do marketing and design for them. I want to do graphic design and marketing for startups and small companies. I love being around people that are inspirational. The good energy just radiates.

The other group of people that I am most interested in helping are artists. Art is something I have done since an early age. I think that most artists have a hard time with graphic design. I would love to help! I want to give artists a professional brand. I love branding and I think it’s so important. It helps you stand out and let people know you are serious. You don’t want to look like the starving artist but the professional artist. I think all artists deserve to unique brand.

Let me know if you fit into one of these groups or you know someone that does. I’d love to help.

And this is me, taking steps to live my Nomadtopia.