I recently got back from my third trip to Hawaii. This was my first trip as an adult and the first time I stayed outside the tourist area. Since I had already been to the tourist hot spots I thought it would be best to do some more local things. What better way do find those gems than with a local.

The highlights of my trip:

  1. Reconnecting with a childhood friend.
  2. Sitting on a beach with only a handful of other people looking out into the beautiful water.
  3. Watching the sunset on the western most point of the island.
  4. Hiking to a wonderful waterfall and listening to the tranquil sounds of the creek.
  5. Body boarding for the first time and being able to take a wave all the way onto the beach.
  6. Finding an amazing Indian food restaurant. Cafe Maharani, where the food tastes great and the metal dishes will make you feel like royalty.
  7. Seeing two complete rainbows forming over Honolulu. Talk about lucky! What an amazing sight. I only wish I had the photo to share with you.
  8. Hiking to the top of one of the peaks and watching the gliders launch from Dillingham Airfield while seeing the beach in the background.
  9. Watching the surfers at Pipline. Even better, was seeing Bethany Hamilton dominating the waves. That girl is such an inspiration. She’s a great role model for not letting anything keep you from your dreams.
  10. Coming home with as much of a tan as an Irish girl can get in 5 days.

The little things I missed: water pressure. Detachable shower head.


Postcards from paradise