Why it’s important to optimize photos for web

Most cameras and phones now-a-days take very large images. In order for you to get the best results on your website or banner ads you’ll need to scale them down. On screen images only have to be 72 dpi at the exact width and height for your online needs. However you may want to take into account that there are Retina displays that crave even more pixels.

For print, you’ll need your images to be 300 dpi or more at the size you are printing. (The header image is what happens when you try to blow things up that are not print quality or vector graphics. You see the jagged pixels.)

What’s dpi?

The number of dots per inch in your photo. Monitors and TV screens have a much smaller resolution than something in print.

Why does this all matter on the web?

You want your photo to load quickly on the web. If it doesn’t, people get turned off and may click away before they even see your image. On the web, load times are important. You probably aren’t the only one that offers the product or service you are selling. You not only want your page to load quickly, but you also want it to look good so that you can get the sale, before they move on to the next site or their next…squirrel! You not only have the competition of your direct competitors but the web is full of other shiny objects or social media sites that distract us and have us multitasking. Best to hook your customers on the first glance!