Part of my European adventure was to attend the “End of the World” party being thrown by Chris Guillebeau of the $100 Start Up, Art of Non-Conformity and the ever popular World Domination Summit. The party was in Oslo, Norway…in April. The party was a celebration of Chris reaching the end of his goal (to travel to every country in the world by age 35) and his birthday.

Before I tell you about the party, let me tell you how I got to Oslo. We took the overnight ferry from Copenhagen. This is a great way to save money and it’s a great experience. You pay less than you would for a hotel room and you also have your transportation. What you also get is a ride on a mini cruise ship. The ship offers outdoor seating (whenever the sun is warm enough for that?!), several restaurants, a child play area, a duty free store, casino, night club and several private rooms. We opted for the inner bunk bed room. Love the darkness, it’s great for sleeping. But if you prefer the view throughout the night they offer window rooms. If I lived over there, I think this would be a great date night or two!

You get on the boat in the late afternoon and you get to see sunset on the water (assuming the weather is conducive). It’s quite a beautiful sight. In the morning you get to see the fjords as you enter Oslo. It’s a beautiful sight but I’ve heard Bergen offers better views of the fjords. But I’ll take what I can get when I can get it. Life’s short, and I’m enjoying the ride, or boat ride as it were.

Oslo was smaller than I was expecting but then again the population in Norway is pretty small for a country of it’s size. I guess that’s also because the country is quite cold. There was snow on the ground when we were there and a chill in the air but the sun was out. Did I mention it was April?! We wandered around the streets and the sculpture park. We tried to see the National Gallery museum but most of it was closed (and they didn’t tell us when we went in). After we discovered there were only a couple open rooms to see, they told us to come back in two weeks to see the rest. We asked if the Scream was there and they said yes, but it was being moved to the Munch Museum in a couple days. Not great for tourism, I’d say.

Our couchsurfing host is Oslo was amazing. She treated us like we were family. I loved it! And she lived near a bridge painted by Monet! She also introduced us to brown cheese. This stuff is amazing! And, I believe, only made in Norway. But I discovered a few friends that knew about it back home (aka holding out on the good stuff). Sometimes you have to go around the world to discover something just down the street. Thank goodness for stores that sell international items. Now I don’t have to worry about secret trips to Norway to smuggle cheese!

Aside from our wonderful host the party was the next best thing in Oslo. Chris Guillebeau and his crew know how to throw a good party. Open bar at the beginning, great food, champagne toast, a band and a room full of wonderful people that have traveled from around the world to help celebrate. I love being around this crowd as they all want to or currently living the unconventional lifestyle. A very inspiring group and a wonderful setting. Despite the fact that many of us were asking “Why Oslo?”.

Lastly, when you are in Oslo you need to go up to the ski jump area and enjoy the view. It’s wonderful to see the fjord from above. You can even see the approaching snow storms as the sweep through the mountains and into the city.

Brrrr….this brings back memories.

View of the Oslo fjords and an impending snow storm

View of the Oslo fjords and an impending snow storm