Besides design what’s your passion? What makes you feel alive? For me, it’s travel. I live to travel. I love having new experiences and traveling to new places. I love learning new things and seeing old things. I am fascinated by the world and all it’s differences.

For my last adventure I went to Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea. When talking to people about my plans some would say, “how random”. I think there’s nothing random about it. I had an opportunity to visit a friend and I took it. It was amazing. I love the history and the culture. I loved that every day was different and unexpected. I wish that my life was like that everyday! I live to explore. I live to learn new things and see new places. I live to plan my next adventure. I love to tell people of my adventures and spread the travel bug to all who will listen. They don’t always get my desire to go new places but they don’t have to, it’s not their passion. If I have an opportunity to go somewhere new, I grab it. If I haven’t been there I want to go.

I love to travel every chance I get. I wish I could do it more often. How do I do that when I only have so many vacation days a year? I don’t know. If you can help, let me know. If I can help you, let me know that too. I’m always looking for that next adventure or that unconventional niche, but as long as I’m traveling, I’m happy.

20 countries down, many more to go…