Paying for services vs. getting them for free

I’ve seen that often when people get things for free they take them for granted or they don’t treat them as well as they would if they had paid for the product. If they paid a premium, then that item is even more cherished. You don’t want to have to buy that item again and you must really love it if you paid a lot for it. You want that item to stay around for awhile. I find that this is true for both products and services.

Spec work

If designers (photographers, developers, illustrators etc) work on things for free they’ll often do it quickly with not a lot of thought or their full process. If they are just out of school or new to the profession, they are probably building their portfolio. If they are just starting this can be good but you won’t have the experience behind a more seasoned designer.

Would you want people to ask you for free things in your business that are normally paid for? Perhaps instead of free you can offer a trade. Then both parties get something out of the deal.

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