Why does positivity lead to more creativity?

If you believe you can. You will.
If someone tells you “you can”. You will.

Compliments and gratitude are two things we could use more of. I want to live in a world where we lift each other up. Where we help each other to succeed, not where competition rules. Where creativity reigns supreme.

When we are less competitive and focused on what other people are doing we can be more focused on being authentic and creating from our own space. Not being reactive to everyone or everything else. We are owning and being true to ourselves. We are giving our true gifts to the world.

When in doubt be thankful

Practice gratitude and being thankful for all that you have and will receive and more good will come your way. Focusing on the positive breeds more positivity. It’s healthier too.

When someone pays you a compliment thank them, don’t qualify why or what you did or play it off as nothing. Accept it. Too often we think the good things aren’t worth celebrating. They aren’t anything special. We can get carried away in the bad things that happen which is nowhere to live. Live and love in gratitude. It keeps the focus on the good in life.

It’s not luck when something good happens either, it’s you being awesome. You can’t take responsibility for the bad and not the good. Own the good. And move past the bad. We have no time for that sh*t, we have things to do, things to create and people to see.

Branding and positivity

It’s all about the tribe. Surround yourself with awesome and you’ll be awesome too. You’ll make those around you awesome.

Gratitude and positivity are two things to always bring into your brand. If you put off this awesome vibe your clients and customers can’t help but be attracted to you too. You’ll have people flowing in the door for your services. They’ll also be referring you like crazy because they love you.

When you are in this space, your groove, you’ll be the most creative you have ever been because you won’t have things weighing you down. Positivity breeds more creativity. So stay positive and keep going. Even when you think you aren’t making a difference, you are.