Long long ago there was a little girl with fiery blonde hair. She grew up to be called “red” and even later bought a red coat.

I took my first trip across the pond in 2002 to France and England. I took my second trip going the opposite direction in 2003. I landed in China and you could say from that trip that I became addicted to roaming. I became a roamer and haven’t been able to stop.

Of course the trips across the pond were following several trips to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. I even checked off a few states before I left the Western Hemisphere.

On that second trip across the “pond” in 2003 I bought a red coat. Not only did I love this coat from the moment I saw it but I only paid $20 for it. They said it was even a designer brand. It was in China so you just never know! I never knew if “designer” meant that it fell off the truck, was a replica or it came right from the same factory as the “real thing”.

A couple years after those first trips I started a blog by popular request. I didn’t even attach my name to it. I just wanted a place to write my heart out and that’s what I did.

Now, many years and 42 countries later I’ve started a red series. My hair isn’t as red as it used to be but me and my brand “roux roamer” are still embracing the red. Maybe now, more than ever!

Check out the red series on Instagram.

Here’s a preview if you haven’t already clicked to go to Instagram or maybe you even came here from Instagram. This might be my favorite in the RED series even though it’s not the original red coat that started it all but it is maybe, a somewhat, famous red dress. Or maybe I just hope that it might be famous. Stay tuned for the original red coat that I talk about here. It’s making a debut soon!

If you are looking for the right brand trademark for yourself consider this earlier post on branding. If you want to steal someone else’s look, you can, but it won’t be yours. You’ll forever have to share it. Try finding something that you can really put your signature on. Have fun with it. Your brand should be all about you and your unique self!

If you wonder why I hadn’t been on here in a couple weeks. My website had to find a new host. My last host didn’t care that my email was down for a week. Yeah…sorry about that. It wasn’t my fault. But I’m all freshly migrated. It took longer than I thought with all the other work there was to do.

The diary of a red coat by Roux Roamer