When friends are planning a trip they come to me. They ask me things that took hours to find myself but now it’s a part of me — a growing encyclopedic knowledge of the world — and I love it. I have a thirst for all things new and a passion for travel. Oh and indomitable will.

I love to share my travel knowledge with friends. The best news my friends can hear is that I’ve been to the place where they’re going. Then I can give them more than just my hours of research, I can give them the things they must do, things they could do, things they shouldn’t do and the things that may get them into trouble lists. I am full of interesting bits of knowledge from every where I’ve gone and those many places I aim to go.

I would love to figure out how to take my passion for travel and do more with it. How could I make some money? I think I’d make a good scout. You tell me where you want to go and I’ll go there and scout it out for you. I’m really good at it. Just ask my friends, I’ve done it before. Hopefully I’ll do it again!

24 countries down, a little less to go