What’s the deal with the six figure business

We’ve all seen those posts about having a six figure business or a six figure product launch. We all think how awesome that would be for us but not sure how we achieve that. We can feel bad for ourselves and the place that we are at in our business. But what about asking this question: what did it cost to get that six figure launch? What’s under the curtain? What is the amount of money you made on that product? What is the amount of money you actually take home? (I composed this post and then viola one of my favorite bloggers was talking right to my emotional side. So, on the really bad days read this.)

Let’s get real.

Let’s paint the truth. I know we all want to look good. I know we can’t help what others feel by what we say. I just want honesty in what we say. I want you to be real with me and me with you.

For me, I don’t need to be a six figure business. Do you? We’ll get back to that soon.

I don’t need to live in excess. I prefer the simple life but that does include making enough money to pay all my bills, have money in savings and enough to travel the world. The simple life does not mean I am without, it just means minimalistic tendencies. I’m not a fan of clutter or many of those designer goods. I like nice, quality things but not one in every color or only the really expensive one. Think capsule wardrobe. I like what works, what’s simple for my lifestyle—on the go!

…but who am I kidding. If I have all the money I want and need to do all these things listed above I might be grossing six figures but probably not netting it. I’ll have all that I want so I need to start thinking bigger. Acting the part. What part do you want to play? Do you need six figures to be truly happy? Research shows that people aren’t any happier over $75k.

When it’s for love, you will always do it anyhow. — Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Here’s who I am now.

I’m a solopreneur and I don’t make a ton of money (currently) especially after taxes and all my living expenses. I’m certainly not a six figure business but what I do get with my business is the freedom to travel the world (you can too!) and work from anywhere. I also get to do the work I love doing for clients that I love working with.

The ones I don’t like working with, well, I don’t have to continue that relationship. I get to call the shots. I don’t have to ask permission to work on a specific project or to use the color green. Yes, I have actually had a fight about the color green. In my own business, I also don’t have to ask when and if I can take time off. I get to live and work on my terms.

Right now, I do struggle with inconsistent income. One month can be awesome, the next, total crap. You have to save and plan for the ups and downs. (Here’s a podcast interview I did on just this topic.)

I hustle and hustle some more. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I do everything for my business unless I outsource it. I don’t just get to do the awesome work I love but I also have to take out the trash and do the bookkeeping. It’s not glamorous some days but I love it.

I put sweat, tears and love into my business. Some days it’s a roller coaster but that’s also part of the fun. The days don’t have to be monotonous in your get cubicle, you could be doing those boring tasks from a rooftop of a hotel in Sydney. Yes, I’ve done this too. But the point is, it’s your business, it’s your call.

What you do and what money you take home is your call to make. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else.

I own my imperfections. I’m not perfect. I’m still learning AND growing as a person and business person. I appreciate you taking this ride with me however far you’re going.

What do you really need to make to pay all your bills and be happy? Take the quiz (plus read this post by my friend).

If you have money mindset issues or blocks, like I have been trying to get over in the past few years, here’s a few resources. This Superwoman Chronicles episode with Barbara Stanny on Women, Wealth and Power. The Science of Getting Rich book. There’s a lot about meditation and visualization. Those are the keys to really living the life you really want. You’ve got it…just play the part.