What do you do when you are tired of working for a company whose values don’t align with yours and won’t give you more than two weeks off a time to recover from the damage they are doing to your soul? Take your friend up on her offer of coming to visit her in Spain! Oh, and quit your job so you can actually go.

Flight over: PDX IAH LHR (with a night’s stay to recover from the pond hopping) MAD

Let’s get the bad out of the way first. My one complaint about Spain is the lack of vegetables and paleo friendly foods. I had to suspend my usually eating habits and eat the local fair. When in Spain…you eat bread, olives, cheese and ham (which sounds so much better when you say jamón!). And you drink wine, red wine. Or white, if you prefer. But I’d suggest the red, as I do in Oregon as well.

I arrived in Madrid on Easter weekend. I learned that when you hear the drums you’ll soon find an Easter procession. We found four or five of these processions in one day. Each procession had a different color scheme. This was very neat to witness as the “garb” was unlike anything I had seen before (unless you could the less color friendly KKK). So, amongst the tapas hoping we were parade hoping as well.

Madrid had beautiful architecture and almost beautiful weather. We got caught in a couple downpours. One was disappointing as we didn’t want to wait in the rain to get into the Prado when the line was around the building. The other made for a wonderful photo shoot as the roads were quite reflective of the lights at night.

After Madrid, I headed to Barcelona. The weather was amazing, the architecture was wonderful, the history was exciting to learn about and the wine was just as fabulous. I was still craving my normal vegetable diet and my green smoothies but when in Spain…

Enjoying the great tapas, wine and views of Spain!

Enjoying the great tapas, wine and views of Spain!