I was recently in Alaska, visiting a friend of a friend and she told me the following story. I loved it so much I asked Sara-Jo if I could share it with all of you in my Women with Wanderlust series. I hope it inspires you or maybe you need to send it to a friend to inspire them to make it happen!

How to make it happen

You know that one friend that calls once in awhile, the one that you hold a deeper connection with than many others? Six months may go by but the minute you pick up the phone it is like you haven’t skipped a beat and you talk like you have lunch together everyday. That’s my Andi. I had been in a bit of a funk lately and my Andi calls. She’s in Vegas. After an extended trip to Mexico. (how fun!) I love to hear her traveling stories! One day… I always tell myself… I’ll do that one day… when I have time…. and less responsibilities.

We continue to play catch up on the phone I hear her pause. Then she says, “How about you come down to Vegas? ” Instantly my mind goes to all the reasons why I can’t. It’s a subconscious reaction I have taught myself over the years, so I laugh and say “Ya right. In my dreams.” If only I could be that person…just once. The list in my head is getting longer as I continue to think of why I can’t do this. Andi chimes in, “I found a ticket online for tomorrow and it’s super cheap. Make it work!” Hmmmm…could this be a possibility? Could I make this work? How awesome would that be?! No, no, it’s not going to work. This next step is so me. I say, “OK, let me work on it right now and I’ll call you tomorrow.” The truth is I was just wanting to find the ‘no this is why I can’t come down’ excuse fast and get it over with. The sooner the better. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high then get disappointed. So, here goes.

I texted my friend, “Can you watch my dog this weekend so I can go to Vegas?” My friend who never messages me back right away says, “Sure! Have fun!” Ahhhhhh. OK what is my next excuse? I texted my brother, “Can you watch my house this weekend so I can go to Vegas?” Instant response says, “Yep. Is your fridge full?” Mmmm….my heart is picking up speed now. Does my bank account has enough money for the ticket? Yes. Enough money for my portion of hotel? Yes. Now I’m getting a bit excited…. maybe this can work. Could it really work? Could all the planets align for me this once? I pack. No freaking way. I shouldn’t. I’m going to get disappointed.

The next day I send a text to the kiddo’s dad. Do you want to take your daughter a day early so I can go to Vegas? Instant response again, “Sure. Have fun.” What?! This is not happening. No freaking way.

Two more hurdles to overcome. Somewhere in the night my thought process had changed from let me find a reason why I can’t go to I’m going to make it happen. This has to work. So while I’m driving to work I’m preparing my speech to my boss why I need to take tomorrow off. Friday. I’m always one for honesty and bluntness. I just started this job a few months ago. I might be pushing my luck here. But as I sit in my boss’s office I hear myself say, “So I know I’m new. And it’s perfectly fine if you say no. This wasn’t planned. But part of getting to know each other is knowing each other’s limits. I don’t know yours yet. But it can’t hurt to ask. Can I take tomorrow off work so I can go to Vegas?” The best boss in the world’s most epic response : “Ya of course! Have fun! I thought it was gonna be something important.” Ahhhhhh, oh my gosh! This is happening! Stay calm! I get up and walk to the break room. “Please, please,” I repeat while I get my credit card and jump online. I can not come this far. Low and behold the last $250 round trip ticket from Alaska to Las Vegas is still available. I buy it. That night, on the red eye, I’m on my way to Vegas.

Since that trip, I have went on two others this year. This from the girl that has been on vacation maybe three or four times in my 34 years of life. I realize traveling isn’t as hard as I always make it out to be in my head. It doesn’t have to be a huge production that stops my life or cost tons of money. I have now stopped looking for excuses why I can’t do things. And have started looking for how I can do things. Oh and bonus…in my last two hours in Vegas I won enough money to have paid myself back for the plane ticket and hotel fare. Thank you world 🙂 Next on the list: My first solo trip! I’m thinking Oregon maybe…

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