I can’t believe I’ve never written about one of my favorite vacation spots: Bali. I recommend it to anyone looking for a tropical vacation.

Great things about Bali:

  1. Your money goes a long way because it’s an island in southeast Asia.
  2. The flights are cheap from the mainland (Singapore is a great hub).
  3. The food is inexpensive and amazing, especially for vegetarians.
  4. You can hire a taxi driver to take you on a tour of the island to learn all about life on Bali. The driver we hired spent twelve hours with us, and  took us to the volcano, the lake, an elephant sanctuary, and a tea plantation; we also sampled black rice, toured some smaller artisan villages for silver and paintings, visited two temples, and finally, delivered to the front door of a fire dance show. All for about fifty bucks (American).
  5. Civet coffee. If you have ever wanted to try the most expensive coffee in the world and see a civet, this is the place.
  6. The monkey forest! You can walk around and check out tons of monkeys eating, swinging from the trees, trying to steal food from people who didn’t read rule #1 (don’t bring in any food and beverage including in plastic packaging). You can also buy bananas to feed them, in a more intentional way.
  7. You get to experience the jungle life as well as the beach.
  8. It’s beautiful.
  9. The people are friendly and welcoming.
  10. Fish spas are awesome and cheap. They are the best and most effective way to get that dead skin off your feet — if you can stand the thought of what’s happening and that it tickles like crazy. My feet hadn’t been that soft since I was a baby. I wish it was legal in the states.
  11. It was the first time in my life where I had my own personal pool! For the cost of a hotel, at home, in Portland Oregon, I was able to secure a villa with our own private pool and within walking distance to the beach. Paradise! I would highly recommend Astana Batubelig to anyone.
  12. You can stay in the jungle too if you don’t like the beach. In Ubud our hotel backed up to a ravine and the layout of the hotel made you feel like the only one on the hillside. The balcony was a special place for coffee and breakfast each morning.
  13. The Tanah Lot temple at sunset. Not only is it beautiful but you’ll see thousands of bats escape from the caves. It’s a fun sight to see.

For my husband and myself the trip was the honeymoon we couldn’t afford when we were first married. We didn’t have to wait long for the dream to come true. Most of it was saving up the airline miles to make the trip more affordable. Enjoy the gallery! More roaming moments can be found on Etsy, Flickr and Instagram.

Tanah Lot Beach by Melissa Jones

13 reasons to go to Bali