I keep honing and practicing my photography skills. I think it shows in that my top 9 photos on Instagram are from the last few months. Well, it’s either I get better or everyone just likes fall photos. Or maybe just my fall photos. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Let me count down my top 9 Instagram 2017 photos for you starting with the bottom right.

top 9 Instagram 2017

9. This one is a personal favorite of mine. Somedays I forget that I am trained in the arts and can do so much more than take out the shadows on a photos. I’m a light editor on most of my shots. I like to keep them as natural as possible to what I saw. This was a road I had seen over and over by some of my favorite Instagram accounts so I needed to put my own flare on it. I decided to combine two photos in one. Why two photos, because the focus had to be both on the hand and on me.

8. This was another instafamous place that I had to add my own spin to make it unique. Sometimes it is hard to make things unique because it is such a popular place but I try. It was a fun way to use my umbrella that rarely sees the light of day. I was so honored that this photo made the rounds on some popular hubs.

7. This photo was actually taken in 2016 when I thought I would never be able to visit the famous tree farm again. It was one of my favorite photos and one that my followers liked as well. It was in my top 9 photos from last year.

6. This was a new to me waterfall. I really enjoyed meeting up with Jason, whom I met on Instagram, and taking him to some new and old places I know. I’m a huge fan of fall so it was nice to get some yellow leaves in the shot.

5. One of the best waterfall areas in Oregon is Silver Falls State Park. There are 10 waterfalls on a loop trail around the park. If you don’t want to hike the whole loop you can enter in at three different sections on the loop. It’s hard to tell but I’m actually in this shot. One of the reasons why I started including myself in my photos was to give the landscapes a unique touch but also to help show you the scale of the places I visit, especially the waterfalls.

4. In 2017 all the national parks in Canada were free with a parks pass so I thought I should go see more of Canada. I had never visited the eastern provinces so I planned a trip. I looked on google maps to see what was there and made a map full of pins. This was one of those locations. It really exceeded my expectations. I only wish that maybe the sunrise show would have been better but I think it worked out ok.

3. What can I say about Banff?! That place is one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. Around every corner is some beautiful  lake or mountain. The water doesn’t even need photoshop it is that spectacular on it’s own. It really is hard to believe until you see it in person. Just beware that Banff is crazy busy with tourists.

2. I made a joke to my friend (Zack) when I was taking the umbrella photo (number 8 above) that he should have brought a cool hat to go with his hammock. We laughed. When given the chance to go back to the tree farm later in the season with my friend Nikkie I thought it was my chance to bring the hat with the hammock. I was so blown away by the response to this photo. I think it was one of my most featured photos and I couldn’t be happier. It was so fun and relaxing to shoot. Some asked me what I was wearing in the hammock. Well, some secrets are meant to stay a mystery.

1. The eclipse was a special event especially here in Oregon. We were the first state to see it. I wasn’t even going to get to the zone of totality but it was my friend Tim that convinced me I should go with him. I will forever thank him for that. Being in the zone was one of the most incredible moments of my life. I had no idea it would be so moving. He also convinced me that we needed to be one of the first people to post photos. So, while we made our way back into service I did a quick edit on the photos that my husband and I took and posted it. I could not believe how many likes that photo got in such a short time. My most liked photo ever. I can’t wait till the day I can surpass it but for now I’ll enjoy that little victory!

Thanks for following along on my adventures. I hope you enjoyed the recap of my top 9 Instagram 2017 photos. I really enjoy taking photos and sharing them. Let me know what else you want to see or where the red dress should go next. Cheers!

Did you get your top 9 Instagram 2017 posts?

Top 9 Instagram photos by Roux Roamer