My top 7 travel gifts for women

I think a travelers wish list might look a little different than your average wish list for the holidays. And a woman’s travel gifts list is going to look a little different than a man’s. I know that the top of my wish list is always more travel in one form or another. It can also be to travel for some cool experience or to travel to spend time with friends or family. It doesn’t always have to be exotic or expensive but a travelers wanderlust can usually never be satisfied with trinkets unless those trinkets help you travel better! Here’s a list of seven of my favorite travel gifts for women.

Scarf with pocket

I don’t know about you but I have a love for pockets that goes really deep. Probably because women never have enough pockets in their clothing. This scarf, by Waypoint Goods is perfect for travel because it has a pocket that easily conceals your passport and also your phone. This works well for hands free airport transit but also in those places where getting pick pocketed comes easily. It comes in really cool patterns and colors. Of course, mine is red 🙂 Thanks Caitlin!

Waypoint scarf by Roux Roamer

Dresses with pockets

Whenever I am shopping I am constantly looking for items with pockets. I often wear jeans because they usually offer the most pockets in women’s clothing. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve already proclaimed my love for dresses with pockets. I happened upon a website, eShakti, that offers nothing but dresses with pockets. It was one of the best discoveries I ever made. I love wearing those dresses for photo shoots, travel, networking and everyday life.

Small surge protector

There’s never enough plugs where you want them. Sometimes this happens in your own house but it often happens when you travel. When you go to hang your hat at night it’s time to charge all the items you’ll need for the next day. If you’re like me this is going to take more than one outlet or some crafty items that you pack with you. One of those crafty items for me is a small surge protector that also offers four outlets. Not only can you plug in multiple items but you can also protect those items from unwanted power surges.

International travel adaptor

If you don’t want to carry a surge protector or maybe you also need international plug adaptors, this is a travel adaptor I highly recommend. Not only is it my brand color but it also charges three devices and can be plugged in in any country. So many cool things all in one product.

International plug adapter for travelers by Roux Roamer

Packing cubes

Another item that’s also by Compass Rose that I love is their packing cubes. Again, they are just my color but you might also love them too. The 4 pack comes with two gray cubes and two red ones. They are great not just clothes but also for shoes. I love having all my shirts and bottoms separated so that I can easily find stuff in my numbered cubes.

Packing cubes for travelers by Roux Roamer

Convertible cardi

It’s a dress or three. No wait, it’s a cardigan. Even more it’s a scarf. When traveling it’s always best to take items that can serve multiple functions or that you can wear for multiple occasions. I’m always trying to keep the weight down in my bags so that I don’t have to pay for them and I don’t throw my back out trying to hoist them in the overhead bins. Finding this women run company, Encircled, was such a find I had to share it with you! The items are not only stylish but practical too.

Encircled cardi by Roux Roamer

Custom map

When you are home from your travels, if you’re like me, you are always dreaming about the next place you want to go or the best place you’ve ever traveled. It can also be a map of the whole world or a zoomed in map of your favorite neighborhood. Mapiful offers you a custom map of an area of your choosing. You could pick your hometown, your favorite city or the favorite country you’ve ever been to. The choice is up to you. It’s always a nice welcome home when you aren’t traveling to be reminded of places near or far.

I hope you enjoyed my top travel gifts for women! I know I enjoy every single one of these items. I also like that these items don’t come from big box stores but small businesses, or once small businesses. It’s nice to sometimes get Black Friday or clearance deals but I think it’s nice to shop the little guys. I know I love it when people buy a print from me rather than the one at the store that’s on 100 walls in town.

I also sell “more travel” in the form of a guide book. All those things I wished I would have known before I started traveling all wrapped up in a choose your own adventure type guide.

Some links in this post are affiliate links and will earn me pennies if you shop with them.

Top Travel Gifts by Roux Roamer