I would love to lead a more unconventional life on a more consistent or daily basis. I love trying new things and I love traveling, both of those things make me feel most alive. When I am not planning a trip I feel weird, like part of me is missing. I feel a void. Traveling also falls into the realm of trying new things since I love going to new places. I love trying new foods and having new experiences every where I go.

I started thinking about my life and where this all started. I would say it started as a kid. I took art classes at the local art association with a lot of adults. I preferred broccoli to candy bars. I was the only kid I know that decided at 14 that hamburger and all red meats weren’t very good for me (after researching) so I’m not going to eat them anymore. (At the time Vegetarians weren’t very popular and I didn’t know any!) As accommodating as my mother was for meals it was still weird to her that I didn’t want to eat red meat. And I seriously must be one of few people who have never in my life tried a cigarette or a drug that wasn’t prescribed or over the counter. I think that was more about the control freak in me than the unconventionalist, but hey, it’s still different. And, to this day I still don’t like to take any medication even when it is prescribed. All of this and more, makes me different and unconventional.

I was talking to someone the other day about when my love for travel started. I wasn’t sure of the exact flight or the exact time but I’ve been on airplanes since I was 7. I didn’t think that was anything special but to some people that is. I was asked when I first left the country and I said, well, as a teenager I had been to Mexico and Canada but I didn’t think too much of that either. I said the first time I left the continent was after I graduated college I went to Europe and every year since I’ve tried to leave the county and have a new experience.

Today and everyday I try to do little things to continue my unconventional life but I want to do more. Where do you put your extra toilet paper? In the cabinet? I put mine in a clear class vase by my toilet. Functional, yet artsy. I love it! Who likes having shoes in every color? I do. I enjoy wearing my yellow shoes with my blue top or my purple top. I love being weird and different, it’s who I am.

Something I very much enjoyed about going to the World Domination Summit was that most of those people didn’t think I was weird but thought I was great. I guess, I always thought weird was great but to some that may not have been the case. I have been made fun of or thought a freak at many times in my life but at WDS I felt like I was finally part of a community that accepted me and actually wanted to encourage me to do more of those “weird” things.

So, now, I am in search of how to live MORE of an unconventional life (professionally and personally) in a conventional world. I may be able to tell you to not be afraid of color in your home or on your person but I am sometimes bad at making those decisions for myself of knowing what I do best. Still searching for the way that I can best make a difference in this world on a more regular basis.

Save the cheerleader, save the world!