Another fun story in my Women with Wanderlust series by Kim Hoyer. I asked her what her favorite travel story was and I knew it would have an amazing message about the universe because that’s who Kim is. Her favorite travel story takes place in Spain. One of my favorite destinations as well.

The universe has your back

I was in Alcoy staying at a house in the mountains for the weekend. One of the guests there told me about a hike that was amazing but the path to it was hard to find. He was going to the store and asked if I wanted to go with and he would show me the path. I agreed and went with him thinking I was going to help him get groceries.

We found the trail head and he hiked to the top with me. It was so beautiful! At the top was a sanctuary that people put a memorial of sorts for their deceased loved ones. I was bummed I didn’t have my phone to take a picture! Miguel asked if I wanted to continue hiking or to go to the store with him. I knew my days were numbered in Spain. I chose the hike!

After several hours of hiking my water had run out and I was hot. I asked a gentleman on a bike if he knew where I could find water? He said there was a restaurant down the road. It was down the road if you were on a bike! After what felt like another few miles, I finally reached it. It was the Casa de Mili. I opened the iron gate and walked up to the door. A older woman stepped out and I said hello. I asked if she had any water I could buy. She filled up my water bottle, but would not let me pay her. Her daughter came out, along with her 5 year old granddaughter. We talked openly and freely feeling a soul connection. I was grateful for the rest and company. They invited me into their house to fill my water bottle up one last time before I left. I commented that the house was beautiful and they said thank you. The grandmother went into the other room and brought out a few paintings. I commented on their beauty when she handed me one insisting that I keep it. It was a painting of the sanctuary I had just visited wishing I had my phone to take pictures!! I walked away as happy as if I had painted it myself, smiling and so much gratitude in my heart for the generous, beautiful souls I had the chance to meet. It was confirmation that the universe is good and always has my back.

If you want to learn more about the amazingness that is Kim you can find her on her site Kimtastic. I think the name says it all. 

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