Taking vacation actually benefits your business

You can’t work all the time and not have any fun. The whole reason I went into business for myself was to be able to have more flexibility and freedom in my days. That doesn’t say that I’m not working more than ever for myself but at least I enjoy it. I enjoy what I do and I love my clients but I still need some time off. For my sanity and to better serve my clients I know that I need to take breaks, not just daily but monthly and yearly. I need time to disconnect. I need time to explore and get new ideas brewing so that I can be of even better service to clients. That is why vacation benefits my business.

It’s not good to be “on” all the time. We’re just not wired for that. You’re clients should understand that too. You’ll be a good model for them and all your friends if you take time off. Just work out your schedule and if you have a team that works with you, they can still be working while you are sipping Mai Thai’s on the beach or driving around on safari in Africa. Don’t feel bad about this either, you deserve it. Time off is essential for everyone. Get to know yourself and what you need then work your business around it. That’s the benefit of being a freedom hacker.

Lion Love

Why have I been absent from my blog for a bit? I went to Africa without my laptop. Gasp! I made sure all my clients were in a good place and out on out of office messages on my email and phone. It felt great. I can’t wait to do it again. I came back refreshed and ready to go with new business ideas, an invigorated spirit, photos to sell, a smile plastered to my face and stories to tell.

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