I’ve got vacation on the brain again. Come to think of it, when I am not planning or scheming for my next vacation?

I’ve been told repeatedly that I pick very random vacation destinations. They ask me if I just throw a dart at a map. I think to myself, that’s not a bad idea as long as I can rethrow the dart if it lands on a place I’ve already been.

Why do I pick new places? I love adventure. I love learning new things. I love experiencing new things. I love seeing other ways of doing things or how other people live. I love being a kid again when everything is new and fun (well mostly).

Traveling always gives me that newness that my everyday life lacks. Everyday life is just too routine. Even if you tried to do something or try something new everyday it would be hard to do in the confines of your home and work life not changing much from day to day.

Hip hip hooray for vacation. 1 day closer to the next one!