What value do I, as a graphic designer, add to your business?

How do you really put a value on your business? How do you put a number to the service I provide, to any service? Hopefully, I add value by getting you more business. I’m really good at ideas for other people but if they don’t follow through on what I say or they don’t smile or they don’t provide the right offer, people might not buy. I can’t control you, I can only assist you. Marketing helps bring people in the door but it’s up to the people “on the floor” to close the deal. I can consult with you and help you but I’m not the one that pulls the trigger, that’s up to you, the business owner, the person on the floor.

As a designer, you’ll pay me to make your business materials look professional. I feel that I can take your materials to the next level. If you are a nano / micro / small business or solopreneur you are probably doing it all yourself. Like me, you probably aren’t good at everything. I’m not good at bookkeeping, so I hire someone. I’m not good at fixing cars, so I hire a mechanic. I’m not great at cooking, so I prefer my husband do most of the cooking. I am really good at design and that is my business, that’s what I try to focus on. I can help your business get a face lift or look more professional by lending you my expertise, my eye, my outside perspective. I take the time to get to know you and your business before I work on your materials or your logo. I want to make sure I create the designs that are uniquely you, that target your audience and exude your brand.

What do I know that you might not know?

I know that fonts and colors speak differently. Comic Sans is playful and childish, meant for comics, whereas Baskerville is classic and professional, an easy read for long excerpts. I know that hierarchy is important and helps guide the viewer though your content in the right order or in an order that makes sense. You may think that white space is not something you should pay for but in fact it can set you apart from the competition. It gives someone a place to rest their eye in a busy magazine, pile of mail or advertising on a webpage. White space helps the reader actually read your content. If your design is so busy the reader can’t even find a point of entry, your ad / website / postcard is wasted and so is the money you spent on it. Your time and money are valuable. I want you to get value out of my services. I want you to focus on what you do best (coaching, consulting, being a rock star in your business) and I want to give you my years of experience in design and marketing.

Times SquareHow do you stand out in the crowd and be noticed?

Let me know what I can do for you! Let’s work together to strengthen and grow your business. Don’t worry, we’re not all a great fit but if we are, I’d love to work with you. Send me a message.