Not another social media platform. Oh no! Not Vero!

I don’t know about you but I was already on social media overload when Vero popped up on my radar. I’m not sure if it will go anywhere but I’m testing it out anyway. It will either blow up or quietly die like some others have. I think it’s too soon to tell what it will do but for now here’s my observations.


  • Upload full size files that aren’t compressed
  • No algorithm
  • Chronological order for your feed. Who else is fed up with that on Instagram and Facebook? Probably why people were flocking here.
  • Easier to get noticed in the beginning since it’s new
  • Images are not cropped like Instagram
  • Post multiple links in your posts and in your bio
  • Post music, movies, and photos to your feed
  • Have followers and friends so it’s a lot like facebook where you can pick your audience.
  • They aren’t showing ads or asking you to boost your posts for $5 every two seconds
  • Post more than one photo at a time in a post
  • Introduce your friends or favorite feeds
  • No like and follow bots…at least not right now. I guess you could also see this as a con if you want to always game the system.
  • Use hashtags to get noticed (vero, firstonvero, onverofirst) and featured. Some of the same tags on Instagram will work over here (earthfocus, earth_brilliance, instagood, theoutsideproject, natgeo, earthofficial, earthpix, livefolk)


  • The founders have a shady past (or so we’re reading)
  • App is in beta so it isn’t totally stable. Sometimes you can’t even get it to load. Android seems to be less stable than iPhone.
  • You’re starting over at 0 followers
  • Full size images can be stolen and reused
  • The terms of service say that they can use your images without compensation
  • It won’t always be free. They say that after the first million were reached that they would start charging a small fee. No one has seen a fee that I know of but that million was surpassed already. It took just a couple days for it to really blow up from one million to three. It definitely hit the tipping point. When will they start charging?
  • There isn’t really a traditional username so if you pick “Melissa” you won’t be the first or the last to have that as your name.
  • Another platform to grow and manage
  • Just an app with no desktop viewing

What do you think of Vero so far? Are you on it or waiting to see if it goes anywhere?

If you’re on there look me up: Roux Roamer

If you still love Instagram or Facebook. I’m still there and posting. More so on Instagram.