It all started years ago when I started following Chris Guillebeau’s blog. I’m a huge fan of Chris and what he does. I too would like to see every country in the world. I just have to speed things up. Two-three weeks of vacation a year is not enough to see the world. I need more time to dominate.

I somehow missed the first World Domination Summit but heard about the second one. I knew I couldn’t miss it again. When I told people the name of the conference I was attending, they weren’t sure what the hell I was doing. I explained it and most people got it and understood it. Some even wanted to come. Note to self: hang out with that last group more often.

WDS is a great way to connect with like minded individuals. I want to make sure I stay connected to those I met throughout the year, and hopefully many years after. The stories you hear from these individuals are so inspirational. Even if people haven’t made it “there” yet, you still want to be friends with them because they are going “there”. I hope the people that I met believe the same of me. I’m not there yet but I want to be.

Chris, besides your inspiration, great books and amazing conference you are full of love and gratitude. You believe in all of us even if we haven’t found “the right path”. Thank you! Thank you for your generosity, passing on your knowledge and of course the $100 you bestowed upon all of us. You are truly an inspiration!

Lessons for the next summit:
1. Arrive on Thursday afternoon or very early Friday to take advantage of some of the meet and greet activities. I think this makes it easier than showing up to a room full of 1,000 people. That was a little overwhelming.
2. Turn third place into first and look at the unconventional race earlier. This shouldn’t be a problem since I now have a twitter account. Thank you WDS! And thank you husband for driving me around to take all my photos and letting me know that I’m not just third, I beat out 997 potential players.
3. Introduce myself and meet more people. AND bring “business” cards.
4. Make friends, especially with those people that will check in and make sure I’m working on my goals and meeting them.
5. Be able to share the goals I’ve completed since the last summit.

Looking forward to next year but hoping to enjoy every day until then!

UPDATE on my journey since WDS 2012 and my goal update from WDS 2013.