What’s co-creating, you ask?

Is it a good thing? Should I do it?

Co-creating is creating something with someone else. You are partners in creating.

You’ve heard the saying two minds are better than one. Well this is the case, each of you comes to the table with a unique set of skills so that together you have a larger skill set to tackle your problem.

One of my favorite sayings: You can’t see the label inside the bottle?

This is why you co-create. You need an outside perspective to clearly see things because you are too close to the problem. If your are like me it’s hard to get out of your own head. You over think things. You need someone else to give you that fresh insight and break up the problem into more managable chunks or get you past your stuck point.

If you hire me for graphic design, together we will co-create whatever you are looking for: postcard, logo or social media header. You’re telling me about you and your business, which you are the expert, and I’m bringing in the visual brilliance. I’m going to give you the graphics that tell the world what you are all about and why they should choose you.

In this relationship you will need to let go of some of the control. If you hire a designer but tell them everything you want done, then you aren’t really using them for their expertise. Remember, you are the expert in your field and they are the expert in theirs.