When I left Morocco I went to Lisbon Portugal for just a few days and girl did I love it instantly.

The Lisbon Portugal Airport offers many choices to get to the city center with metro lines, buses and taxi’s. I easily navigated the metro right to my hotel. The only thing that slowed me down was getting through the immigration line and getting out of the metro on the wrong side of the street.

When I got to my hotel and checked in I was hungry from my flight and was also eager to check out the city center. I walked out the door of Hotel Fontecruz and right into a beautiful park. I kind of wished I wasn’t so close to the park at that moment since the sky was lighting up pink with sunset. The trees were so beautifully tall that they obscured most of the sky from view. That said, there were many other sights that caught my attention. There were cute little cafe’s in the park, one of which, had salsa dancing. I couldn’t help but wander down the tiled sidewalk and toward the water.

I was able to find some salad for dinner and even some breakfast treats for the next morning. There were so many outdoor eateries and cafe’s that it was hard to make a decision.

After being sleep deprived in Morocco because of my many photo outings all I wanted to do was sleep in my luxurious king bed at the hotel but I also wanted to explore since I had just over three days in Portugal. What did I do with my time in Lisbon Portugal? I walked a lot! Besides that, here’s a list of things I did and think you might like too.

What to do and see in Lisbon Portugal?

  • The famous and historic yellow tram — Surprise! There are three! I went to see all three and rode two just because it was fun. One of the trams was out of service due to some construction projects. The tram rides are really short and save you from going up or down the steep city hills but if you don’t time it right you could be waiting for 15-3o minutes or more if it’s busy. I may have taken a few photos of trams. You may see some of those in my Instagram in the coming weeks.Famous yellow tram in Lisbon Portugal by Roux Roamer
  • Santa Justa Lift — Another way to connect the two levels of the city is a historic elevator. The line was so long I never wanted to use it but I loved looking at it. Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon Portugal by Roux Roamer
  • Belem Tower at sunset — It was closed and there was not a line to enter. It was perfect for me to take a photo of me by myself in front of the tower. I’m so excited by the photo I was able to capture on my camera. The sky didn’t have much color but it did have a lot of mood when you edit in RAW from your camera files.Belam Tower at sunset by Roux Roamer
  • Arco da Rua Augusta at sunrise — You’ll almost have this place all to yourself at sunrise. The only thing you might find are people that have just left the raging clubs. Yeah, they were still open at sunrise. This was a huge surprise to me coming from Oregon where everything closes by 2 am. The Instagram photo of this is coming plus a few more of these!Arco da Rua Augusta at sunrise by Roux Roamer
  • Carmo Convent — This is an old gothic church where the roof collapsed in an earthquake and still stands open to the sky (the header photo was taken there). It’s quite a pretty sight to see even if it was busy up until closing. I was kind of upset that I wasn’t able to take a selfie with a tripod (ok…I did but I got in trouble) but children could run around and play hide and seek in the ruins. What’s more destructive? I was really confused.
  • Arco do Castelo — This is the entrance to the castle on the hill. I think I was much more excited about the castles in Sintra so I skipped the long entrance line here and was content just to see the outside and the arch.
  • Lisbon Cathedral — Although not original it still reminded me of a small Notre Dam. I enjoyed the many other churches I randomly found on my nearly 30k of walking in two days.
  • Miradouro de Santa Luzia — This is one of the many observation decks that overlook the Tagus River.
  • Viewpoint of Santa Catarina — This is another great viewpoint on the other side of the city and easy to get to from the top of one of the trams (Elevador da Bica) but it was overrun with what I thought looked like drugs and drug deals happening. I didn’t feel so comfortable there.

How to get around?

To connect all these city sights you can get a 24 hour transit pass and ride the trams, metro and buses for 6 Euros. It’s a great way to save some steps but still see the sights cheaply in all of Lisbon Portugal. The city also has Uber, cabs, tuk-tuks and hop on hop off buses. There’s free walking tours if you want to learn some more history as well.

What to eat and drink in Lisbon Portugal?

While you are in Lisbon don’t forget to eat and drink the local flavors.

  • You can’t go wrong with Paella and other fish dishes
  • Get one or 6 pastel de nata —You may have heard the best pastel de nata otherwise known as a Portugese egg tart is at the Pastéis de Belém. If you can stand the line they are pretty good. They are served warm and in other places I tried them they were cold but still delicious. I’d try them with cinnamon. The line for egg tarts in Belam by Roux Roamer
  • Drink some port (and/or other delicious red wine)
  • I’m not a white wine fan but the Vino Verde was suggested to me by a friend and it was quite tasty as well.
  • Try some ginja — It’s a sour cherry alcohol but it’s not really sour in my opinion. We tried it in chocolate cups too and that was amazing. Ginja by Roux Roamer

It was easy to see all of these things and more in my two days in Lisbon Portugal. I spent my third and final day in Sintra. If you want even more instagramable places here’s yet another post from Darling Escapes.

If you like the photos in this post you might actually like the camera photos better! Stay tuned on Instagram or Twitter. As always feel free to share this with your friends or leave a comment. I love to hear what you think.

What to do Lisbon Portugal by Roux Roamer