My journey to the unconventional life I lead now wasn’t long in miles (unless you count airline miles) but long in years. It took me a while to actually live the life I wanted to live. I always thought I couldn’t do it or I wasn’t ready. One thing WDS 2014 taught me was that taking imperfect action and starting before you are ready are the two things we all need to do more often. You learn so much when you just start. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. You have to live the life you want to live before you can actually live it.

Sounds confusing, right?

It’s not. Let me tell you about my favorite lessons from this year’s World Domination Summit. Maybe it will help you live the life you’ve always wanted. I know it’s helped me already!

AJ Jacobs told us to be bold. To be experimental. To act the way we want to feel. If your body acts how you want to feel your mind will catch on eventually. At least, that’s what science says so it must be true. Acting how you want to live will start to be how you actually live. For me that means putting a smile on my face when I’m feeling down or frustrated. Not walking all hunched over but instead putting on my invisible cape and letting my enthusiasm lead the way.

You just have to fake it till you make it. And, it’s not really faking it, it’s just starting before you’re ready. Maybe you need to look in the mirror and give your old friend a pep talk about how awesome you are. I know I need this kick in the pants some days. (insert power pose here — that’s right stand up, do it…you’ll feel better)

Be bold. Be experimental. Dream. Do.

Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies, taught us that building a business is like building a relationship. The first thing you should do is say your dreams out loud. Doing that tells the world what you want and people will help you get there and it also means that you are really asking for it.

Take imperfect action to achieve your dreams. You don’t have to know everything you are doing because you will learn along the way. All successful people have failed, you just might not know it, but I’m sure if you ask they will tell you about it. In fact, why don’t you do just that. If you are having trouble reach out to your mentors. Ask them how they got there.

The last thing you need to do is learn to let go. You can’t do everything to be successful in business. Learn what you are good at and do that. Hire professionals for the rest. Also, let go of those dreams that just aren’t working out. It’s ok. You’ve got other dreams you can work on. Don’t forget that in each of us is a 5 year old that has many dreams. Always be dreaming and doing…

I'm Melissa Jones and I am somebody

Michael Hyatt taught me that there are three kinds of life we can be living or maybe we’ve been living each of them at different points in our life. I know I’ve been in all three, probably just this week! There’s the drifting life where you are just floating and not really engaged or knowing what’s going on around you. You’re just going through the motions. I know I’ve been in this phase when going through a really rough patch in my life, I called it the fog. I didn’t know when I was in it till I was starting to climb out.

If you know that the drifting life isn’t for you, then you may be on the opposite side of the spectrum, leading the driven life. You are overcorrecting and trying to never drift. You’re trying to always be in control of everything. You aren’t letting go of anything but good health because you are stressed all the time. This is me when I let go of my self care (running, time with friends, time away from my computer). When I’m working so hard during the week, I don’t take any time for me. I feel horrible. I’ve forgotten what I want my life to be like. What’s work for, if you can’t play too?

The third life is the intentional life, it’s the desired life. You are doing the things that are important to you and focusing on how you want to be remembered. You are leaving your mark on the world and being a better person because of it. You are doing what matters to you. You are putting on your own air mask before assisting others. You can’t help others if you are dying. Wake up! Stop drifting and overcorrecting. Life is short. Here’s my story about waking up!

Go outside your comfort zone and live.

Elise Blaha Cripe, was a last minute addition to the WDS speaker list and one that really resonated with me as an artist. She was another that spoke to the theme of dreams and saying them out loud. She was also a huge proponent of breaking down your large goals into actionable to do lists. Doing this makes achieving your dreams more manageable. You just have to focus on step one. Then step two. Not looking into the future, just focusing on the here and now. The one step you have right in front of you. I’m so guilty of messing this one up. I can get really bogged down in my to do list without focusing on one thing at a time. When I do this, often called multi-tasking, I’ve screwed up everything I’ve been working on to some degree. When I do this, I have to remember to slow down and focus. Turn off my distractions and really prioritize. I really need to start going for a walk. I need to be clearing my head and remembering to put on a smile (and a cape if needed) before starting work again.

If you don’t know where to start ask someone that’s been there, they’ll tell you the steps. Take bold moves or you’ll never achieve anything beyond what you’ve already done. Speak your dreams out load and get on board with your own ideas. Get others to hold you accountable or help you when you get stuck. This works! Do it and do it often! If the thing you want to do has never been done before, do it. If you make something for you, chances are others will benefit from it too. If not, your life isn’t over, move on to the next dream. It’s ok to fail, that’s how we learn to succeed.

Find your tribe, if you haven’t already.

Start a mastermind, resource circle or accountability group. I’ve had a group of four ladies that I’ve met with online for the past four years. WDS 2014 was the first year we were all together in person. It was amazing! And it all started because I asked for some accountability friends for a course we all signed up for. They answered the call and now I have three friends for life! Who knows what more you can have in your life if you just ask. That reminds me of last year’s speech by Jia Jiang. Take risks, make the big asks…stop being afraid of rejection.

We’re all in this together. We’re all family, really, just look at our family tree.

WDS is truly my soul tribe, the place where I belong.

 I'm Melissa Jones and I want to change the world!

Make good choices! — John Jantsch

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Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Jump! — Scott Berkun

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