As I’m sure you’ve read on my about page and my work with me pages, I ask a lot of questions. I’m sure you have some too. Here is a list of common questions I get from clients. If you still have a questions, please ask. I love open, honest communication.


You are in Portland (or traveling the globe), can we still work together?

Yes, we will hop on the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype. I’ve set up my life and my business to be location independent and able to work from anywhere in the world. Some clients even fly me to my projects 🙂


Can I buy one of your images to use on social media or in my branding?

Yes, you can purchase one of my images for a specified use or a print for your home! I love photography and I love making your home or materials look more beautiful.


What are your fees?

My fees vary depending on the scope of work.


How much work is in this for me?

It depends on what we are working on together but I’d hope that you can answer my questions and work with me to provide any clarity that is needed on your brand. It’s all about working together to create brilliant designs.

At first you’ll need to give all the information you have and any preconceived ideas you have. It’s good to be honest up front. Along the way, you’ll need to be available for any questions that come up and for proofing. At the time of proofing it’s very important to express any desire, feeling or questions that you have. This saves time and money down the road.


Do you do other work outside of books and portraits?

Yes, depending on the number of clients I have, I will take on other projects such as posters, postcards, newsletters, social media images and web graphics.


Can you design my website?

Yes, I can help make your website pretty but it’s probably best to work with someone that specializes in websites.


Do you do illustrations?

I do, but I prefer to refer you to someone that specializes in that kind of computer work.


What are your terms and conditions?

I do specific contracts for each client/project but I have a general list that’s available here on my site. I also have a privacy policy if you haven’t already discovered that. Lots of legalese if you like that kind of thing.