Writer for Dynamic Range Magazine: A photography magazine for women, by women. It is a way to inspire women, and men, to get out and photograph anything they want and not feel constrained by what convention says they should do.

Reviewer for Luxury and Boutique Hotels: In our hotel choices we look for something a bit different, not a faceless chain or bland corridors which lead you to a room which could easily be anywhere. We value hotels which are unique, boutique or independent.

Podcast features:

Superwoman Chronicles: A community for professional women looking to make authentic, genuine and productive connections. This is a safe and supportive networking experience meant to expand opportunities, possibilities and impact for women.

Nomadtopia Radio: A weekly podcast that features interviews with people all over the world who are living their version of Nomadtopia. They might be living abroad, settling down (for now), traveling overland with kids, homeschooling, or backpacking solo around the world… You name it.

Financial Karma Podcast: An honest and lively podcast talking about people’s “money stories”, the good, the bad, the sad, the funny. You’ll experience a nuanced approach to money and financial decisions.

Thelma and Louise Podcast: A travel club designed and run for women to help our members enrich and enable their lives through travel. Thelma & Louise members come in different ages, interests, abilities and energies but what unites us is our belief that travel makes us better and happier people. Membership is free.

Life Skills That Matter Podcast: Thinking about working for yourself, but having trouble getting started? Stephen Warley has interviews that can help!

The Running Lifestyle Show: A weekly podcast about creating a way of life for the long run, literally and figuratively.

Blog post features:

Huffington Post: Online news of all kinds, including travel.

Capture Landscapes: A resource for photographers.

Complete Digital Photography: A website dedicated to all things in digital photography.

Travel Dream Seekers: Instagram Influencer series.

Social Nomads: budget travel blog written by fellow travelers.

Mari on the Map: A blog for aspiring world travelers and practical dreamers.

Evade Magazine: A modern and passionate publication that is devoted to delivering quality independent journalism in contrast to mainstream media outlets.

Travel Trust and Wanderlust: Devoted to showing the women of the world that they too, can experience this incredible planet with or without a travel partner.

Tale of Travels: Links to articles about travel, food and fashion.

Our Family Passport: A blog dedicated to family life and travel.

Midnight Blue Elephant: A blog by Annika about her travel experiences around the world.


World Food Travel Association article on bitters.

OSU Federal Credit Union (now Oregon State Credit Union) newsletter article on refinancing.

Portrait photography:

Wine Enthusiast article with winemaker and filmmaker Jerry Bell.

Wine Enthusiast special section on french inspired wines in Oregon.

My blog:

Of course, I also write a blog of my own which you can always find in the top navigation of my site.